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EUF for the preservation of the blue and yellow Influencer at Willy-Brand-Platz

Since 2001, the euro sculpture, the euro sign, has stood in the middle of the city at Willy-Brandt-Platz. It stands out, photographed every day by tourists, on Instagram it is tagged with the #euroskulptur. This makes the euro sculpture a high-reach symbol not only for the euro, but also for the common idea of a European Union behind it.

The Euro sign indicates the headquarters of the ECB, which, with its seat in Frankfurt, enables the city to radiate on a European level. Furthermore, two ECB sites are located in the immediate vicinity of the euro sign.

The Euro Sculpture is already closely associated with Frankfurt. On the website of the Cultural Office of the City of Frankfurt, the Euro-Sculpture is listed as a work of art, and on the website of Frankfurt Tourism, a company of the City of Frankfurt, it is rightly described as a monument to the beginning of the euro age.

The call for help of the association Kuratorium Kulturelles Frankfurt should be taken seriously by the city. The Europa Union Frankfurt asks the city to work out a solution how the Euro sign can be preserved in the heart of the city at Willy-Brandt-Platz. The Europa Union Frankfurt is gladly ready to support or moderate talks to find a solution.


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