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"Rock & Roll" with Covid-19 Challenges and Limitations

My name is Julio, Frontman of the Band Noriega Mind and through this pandemic we have been tested in ways we could only imagine yet we keep optimistic.

I originally come from Lima Perú but love and life brought me to Germany around 6 years ago, that is when I decided to start my career as a musician and made a band. My family is full of singers and actors back in Peru.

Germany has opened the doors for me and my music incredibly and thanks to that I have been on the Peruvian Television due to the cause.

I am fortunate enough to share this path with three German band mates and our guitarist who happens to be from Venezuela, he came to Germany due to the dictatorship in his country. I am so proud to share this path with my brothers and together we form “Noriega Mind” which is our hearts giving in the form of music. Noriega Mind Band has been active for 5 years and we have played in numerous festivals like Open Flair, Hessentag and many other regional events.

The pandemic has put us in a position where we can’t play for people and it has definitely pushed us to our limits as we can’t even meet with the full band to make band practice due to the Corona regulations.

With that being said, we do “Rock & Roll” and we roll with the rocks and challenges that have been put upon our way.

Despite the difficulties we have made two new singles that will be released soon. They have been made without a full band and in a more minimalistic way.

We are extremely proud with how we have pulled off and transformed these difficulties into music and we can’t wait to share our two songs with all of you who most certainly have also faced Covid 19 with extreme limitations and challenges.

We truly hope to travel in Germany and around Europe as soon as it is possible, play in many stages, dance and rejoice as one with all the people present at our concerts as we are nothing without you.

We are grateful for all the support we receive and can only say from the bottom of our hearts that the only way out is through.

Rock & Love

We are ONE

Julio Mario Noriega Sanchez,

Noriega Mind



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