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Monotonous Routines, Feeling of Loneliness, Uncertainty, Financial Problems. We Have All Been There.

I thought wearing a mask was just a joke and I never thought that it will go into such extent. Hanging out with friends, doing hobbies and interests outdoors made me feel human and sane.

After hearing the news and regulations which were set really hit us real hard, accepting the fact that we are enduring one of the hardest moments in life.

Studying at the same boring corner in your room, eating the same food, doing workout sessions on the same spot in your room. Does it sound boring to you?

Making the most out of these times can really help, including me. Never in my life I thought of doing meditation, trying out smart house devices, learning how to bake and planning the things for my future.

You have to have to accept, embrace and hear the inner voice that maybe it was never vocal before and dare yourself to try yourself finding out new horizons and new perspectives.

My prayers for the people who lost their loved ones and for the doctors and essential

workers out there.

Aditya Pratama Ramadhan,

Mechanical Engineering Student at

Technische Universität Darmstadt - Germany.

Originally from Indonesia.



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