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Doing My Erasmus Program in Lund Sweden, from My Flat in Mannheim

The submission of my application for the Erasmus semester in autumn/winter 2020 marked the start of uncertainty due to Covid-19.

The challenges I faced, were for example the distance arrangement of learning agreement between me and all responsible chairs. Therefore, I had to contact all responsible people one by one not knowing even if this Erasmus semester will start. I pushed myself by believing that European institutions will be able to handle these kind of situations.

Fortunately, I was right. My home university (University of Mannheim, Germany) and my target university (Lund University, Sweden) provided all the support for me to start the semester. Fun fact: It was a digital semester from my own flat in Mannheim. What was the most interesting experience during this time? People all over Europe struggle with the Covid situation, still they support each other to keep the motivation and focus high. This kind of mindset does not know state borders and this is what the European Union shows with programs like Erasmus.

Murat Selçuk,



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